Stability Increases, Features Improve

Well, stability is on the up with 5 or 6 major bugs squashed today. The calendar lists are now displayed in the right order which is a major help, if people add new entries over the top of old ones it just appends them now instead of blatting away the original entry and if they add an entry sometime for a previous date the calendar view can now handle it fine thanks to the sorting taking place for one of the previous fixes!

Also, in other big news, the Update Existing Entry functionality is now completed and working (and being used for this entry, no less), delete entry should just be a twist on the update code so it shouldn’t take long to bring online and then I think it’s about time to take the plunge on that configuration manager so that everyone can start getting my vomit-inducing colours off of their diaries.

One final bit of big news, Steve is starting to get comfortable with the HTML layouts now and is getting an idea for a design – so we’re bringing some of the new look online as we go. I’ll let Steve update this entry (and others obviously) with his own updates and notes etc.

So, all systems go, with 14 bugs on the buglist and only 3 left – none of which are even remotely serious, I think we’re making some progress here 🙂


Update 2:

The Look and feel that steve has worked on is now quickly propogating around the application. We’ve got it embedded into the main section of the viewer now so Steve and his delicate eyes won’t be complaining about the harsh green on black anymore 🙂


Update from Steve:

Well I had to didn’t I? 🙂 Hmmm, is this something for the todo list? Multiple accounts should be able to access the same diary? 🙂 (ie group permissions…)

Anyway – yeah, the new LAF is pretty much decided upon for the time being. It looks pretty decent, may want some liddle tweaks here and there, but other than that its pretty cool. I’ll start working on a bug tracking/todo list system shortly since I think I’ve pretty much done all the HTML Matt wants from me for the time being at least.

Update from Matt:

Nope on the group accounts not without rewriting the system atm – I’m using the REMOTE_USER variable all over the place 🙂 But, might be an idea later on, I can see what you’re getting at 🙂

Notes on tonights efforts: After today’s fanatic efforts at bringing the improved look and feel to the system, and all the hard coding it entailed to keep it working for our testers, I spent the evening removing all the hard coded parameters and even adding a few more options about the place. As a result there are now another 14 configurable parameters to the already huge list, this baby is mucho configurable.

So as to keep all the diaries up and working I copied my diary.conf around to all the testers areas – so they now have my links on their menu bar but c’est la vie, when the editor is there they can remove them, or if they object to them before then it’s only 15 seconds in an editor to wipe them out of their config file 🙂

The new colours that i’ve thrown in aren’t necessarily there for taste, they are just there to try and celebrate the disappearance of the green and to hurry it up a bit 🙂 So, roll out the green, roll in the pink. (uhhhh hehehe).

That’s it for today, there’s only another hour left and i’m completely pooped. More to be done tomorrow. All in all, a damn good days work from all involved.


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