Ad Banners and More Bugs!

Steve and Paivi did some sterling work finding bugs with the customisation code last night so i’ve got to go through and fix a pile of those now 🙂

We also can now celebrate the addition of the ad-banner code finally having appeared. We are now serving ad-banners on the pages, Paivi commented that this makes the system look ‘cheap’ but hey, it has to be paid for somehow and how we put these banners in to the pages is still really up-for-grabs, we’re not overly happy with the current design but it works for now without looking too bad.

Things are moving swiftly on pretty much all fronts now – we’re going to go for taking the 5th October away from our ‘real’ jobs and spending that day to bring the service online fully with a good system test before we announce it publicly.

So, we should have the server sometime in the afternoon or evening on the fourth and then sometime on the fifth we will go public. All systems go 😉

Still plenty more development to get done yet though so we’re not home free yet 😉


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