Feature Freeze

Today we decided on a feature freeze. Having added extra functionality to our bug and feature tracking program we targetted all the current features at different versions and decided on a freeze for our initial 1.0 release. Our job now is not to add features but to get the existing ones up and running properly with no bugs in them (well, with as few as possible).

The official design and development goal of the Dear Diary project, indeed, any Atomic Systems development is as follows:

BUGS get squashed priority one before release, ALL known bugs are removed.

A FEATURE SET is met next.

Timescales are our least concern, although we may decide to remove some features because it has been too longer between releases, as far as we are concerned if it is still in development, it will be done when it is done. We do NOT believe in the shoddy software development cycles that exist in the industry today where (as Marc Andreesen of Netscape Communications himself has said):

Features first, Time scales second, and if we have time, bugs.

Or in his words,

Quantity, Time then Quality.


I hereby recommend Internet Explorer to everyone!

I’m going around to Steves this weekend so that we can get our butts in gear and do some tidy-ups, add LinkExchange code to the screens and get the bugs fixed and ready for a 1.0 release.


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