Version 1.2

Work officially starts today on version 1.2 of Dear Diary, there may be some bend in the feature set for 1.2 yet but I think we’re mostly there and everything targetted for 1.2 should be done at the time we release since there’s really nothing major there, just a bunch of tweaks and improvements that actually should make quite a major improvement. We also retargetted a couple of the lesser 1.5 features down to 1.2 to get them in earlier.

We got a comment from one of the sites that has linked to us (which we appreciate, don’t get me wrong 🙂 ) saying that we offer ‘limited customisation’, now technically I guess it’s true but I gotta wonder exactly how much some people expect 🙂 Above a certain level of customisation surely the user would be doing it themselves?

Anyway, I emailed them to ask for their advice as to what we can do to improve things but haven’t heard back from them yet.

Some new graphics uploaded today, finally a couple more button sets to choose from and a bunch of backgrounds added – I really must get to putting some kind of pager into the background chooser so that it doesn’t get too unwieldy 🙂


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