Much testing, new stuff etc.

OK, so DD… developer diary hasn’t been updated in ages. Well now I’m updating it because there’s lots happening with Dear Diary… and someone, somewhere might want to read whats going on before things are announced…

There’s been a lot happening since the last entry posted by Matt back on the 16th October… Wow, that means its over a month since 1.2 was first scheduled…

First things first then, release 1.2 will be out and live on Saturday 27th. Its feature set is a little reduced in some areas to how we wanted it, and a little better in others. Some of the key features though are;

  • Reader Comments

  • Upload your own Graphics

  • Themes

  • Enhanced System Navigation (now MUCH easier!)

  • Random Diary entry

  • Author viewable server statistics

  • Custom URL and email addresses

  • A number of bugfixes from the 1.0 release

Some tweaks have been made to the web server configuration to speed the site up, and it seems to have made an incredible difference. Some tweaks to the way stuff works internally has improved the flexibility for the future, and enabled a library of common used functions across the system to be employed. Most pages are now CGI driven, even if they don’t look it. Even the very front index page is now a CGI (from an Apache SSI include).

And authors, don’t bother trying to use Apache SSI in your journal entries, it won’t work – its disabled 🙂

We’ve been having a lot of problems with the server itself, investigations are still under way for this, although a good cleanup of the hardware connectors seems to have settled it down at the moment.

Anyway, most of the bugs are out, testing is still continuing, but we’ve found and fixed about 20 so far (this is on top of our unit testing) and on course for release of 1.2 on Saturday afternoon (GMT)…. Watch this space!

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