I broke it all during an upgrade to try to get PHP and MySQL to stop barfing over each other. Turns out its a GLIBC bug as a suspected. Anyway, for those non-techie of you, its fixed and should work properly… You can tell this because I am able to login and do an update 🙂

So, all you people that thought you’d forgotten your passwords, the chances are you hadn’t. And neither had the system, it just couldn’t connect to the database to decide if you’d given it the right one or not..

My apologies. And BOY I never realised just how many people are updating their diaries these days… My mail box was spammed the HECK out of (this is NOT a complaint by the way, if its down like that I WANT to know!!) for the 10 or 15 minutes it was out for… Heh, cool.

Sandy beach and palm trees here I come 😉


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