Apologies. A coding glitch has meant that adverts have been inadvertantly appearing on users diaries if the right conditions were met, despite our assurance here.

I’m actually surprised that no-one complained, but anyway, no-one did so perhaps you all don’t mind them as much as you said you did a while back! But either way, the glitch is fixed and adverts no longer are being delivered on users diaries again… For those that are interested, it came about because the code for delivering the ads is in a common file, shared by all files. It knows which script (editor.cgi, custom.cgi, viewer.cgi etc) called it, and filters itself out if its called from viewer.cgi, and a few other places.

When I changed (or rather, added to the) way diaries could be accessed, to add the /show/diaries/username method, the ad banner script didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed to show ad’s for that script, because I hadn’t told it. So it happily did deliver them… Its now been notified of its mistake and promises not to do it again 🙂

Which reminds me, you can now get to your diary by the following methods;


  • — latest entry

  • — welcome page

  • — index page

  • — random entry

  • — specific entry, when replaced with a number.

Replace username with your specific username of course 🙂


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