Woohoo, and, DOH! in the same entry! :)

I had a brainwave and ran the optimiser across the tables in the database to clean them all up, sure enough, the machine hasn’t hit a load average of even 0.5 let alone 1.0 (it was going at over 25 previously). To give you an idea what that means, a load average of 1.0 means that things are having to hang around, and on a reasonably high performance system you should aim never to get up to a Load Average of 1.0 unless you also run lots and lots of processes, as that skews the average. A load average of 25 means the machine is slogging its guts out 🙂 At this time it’s at 0.2 but it’s been at 0.02 in the last few minutes and like I say, I haven’t seen it above 0.5 since I ran the optimiser so either everyone gave up simultaneously, or it fixed it 🙂

Now for the doh… I fixed a problem with the New User code, or thought I had. I figured I’d got the logic that said whether or not a username was allowed back to front – turns out that actually I’d got another parameter wrong and doing this put it the wrong way around. I got all that mess straightened out and now people can actually sign up again *chuckle*.

Just a short update this time 🙂

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