Various, just an update :)

A few more issues have been resolved since the last update…

Anyone that had ‘Matts Diary’ and ‘Steves Diary’ in their menubar all of a sudden after the upgrade… Our apologies for that, they’re gone now 🙂 (we took them out the back and shot them chuckle). Seriously, the Skeleton configuration still had those in them so I removed them and now everyones’ menu should be back to its former glory 🙂

News on the performance problems… Some of them have been due to the machine seemingly getting quite low on memory for some reason (it’s got bucket loads, so it’s very odd!) – I called Steve to see what his thoughts were and we came to the conclusion that bouncing the site might reveal more. I shut down and restarted the web and database servers and sure enough, about 200 megs of memory was free’d up. We’re running on the assumption that perhaps the authentication code has a memory leak in it so as and when we get time we’ll work on tracing it – the main reason this is suddenly a problem is because the process that kicks off the nightly jobs decided for some reason that it would stop.. Part of the nightly run bounces the web server to bring on all of the new virtual addresses for new accounts added that day.

I don’t anticipate this to be a problem in the short term, we’ll keep an eye on it but we’re going to try and resolve the leak as quickly as possible anyway.

I’ve also, while writing this, realised that we’re running PHP now quite heavily (all of the buttons along the top and the gradient bar on the top left are generated through some PHP code) but we are not currently running the Zend Optimiser to go with it… I’m going to get that installed next I think and if nothing else that should speed up the creation of the buttons even further.

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