Well, Steve got the system upgraded to the latest PHP (4.0.3pl1) today, and brought the Optimizer online so the PHP is now using a fair bit less system resource than it was (not that it was all that bad in the first place to be honest).

The upgrade blew up the PHP source though which I was a teency bit upset about – they’ve made rather major changes for a point-release in my opinion. Thankfully they left a switch that we can use to flip it to not have these changes so everything works again and now I can work on fixing the code as per their new requirements before we flip the switch once more 😉 Atleast I can work on it on my own machine rather than on the live one 🙂

The site seems to have gone ballistic since the upgrade, we had about 3,000 more hits on Sunday than we normally get on a Sunday and today is looking to atleast match those differences, wow 🙂

Openfiction news will now officially be stored in the new Openfiction diary:


And ofcourse, the URL is:



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