A letter…

OK, we don’t always (very often) try to blow our own trumpet because its not the way we do things, but we were asked to share this with everyone, so share it we will… This came to our support email address;


I’ve asked lots of questions in the past few weeks in the

process of setting up my diary and I’ve been absolutely amazed at

how fast and how courteous everyone has been in dealing with me.

For a free service, I’d say you guys have gone above and beyond

the call of duty. Give everybody a big pat on the back and if you

can, take an extra coffee break (hehe) you guys deserve it.

Thanks again.

User Name Susie5

Thanks for that Trudy, and thanks to everyone else who has left comments in the past few days on the diary here. Its nice to know that its appreciated. Its helpful to know when its not too (Re: Coral PINK?? NONONONO) 😉

Thanks to everyone that uses the site, its growing nicely and keeping us busy! We enjoy running it and are really pleased people enjoy using it.


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