It's not a conspiracy

We really are out to get you… uh, no hang on. 🙂

The observant among you may well have noticed that Steve (DeLancie), myself (NeutronIC) and this diary (deardiary1) have appeared on the top ten most read diaries. Furthermore, i’m in position 1 and Steve is in position 2.

I’m just writing to say that this is entirely correct and not because we’ve engineered something, before the conspiracy theorists start getting their theories in motion 🙂

What’s happening (still) is that there is a web spider crawling the entire website including all entries – I believe it is the spider that powers Lycos amongst a couple of others. It just happens to have spent rather too much time in our diaries and as such I’ve amassed over 3500 hits this week.

We have removed all of the spider hits from the ‘reports’ and we are endeavouring to remove the spider hits from the top ten and from your personal stats so that the fluff is removed and everything can return to normal, ie. my diary being the least read diary on the system, not the (apparently) most read one 🙂


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