System Slowdown

Some of you may have noticed (indeed, we’ve had at least one email saying someone had noticed :)) the system has been running slower in the evenings (US evening time). On one hand this is good news because it means the server is getting used a lot more, and by golly it is getting used more too. But of course on the other hand its not so good because people want their pages and they want them now. I know I do!!

So, over the next few days, or weeks, however long it takes, I shall be investigating different ways of returning things to their peak performance. We already know of one way we can significantly improve the performance of DearDiary, but unfortunately that requires re-writing in a different programming language. It will happen, and probably its not so far away now. But presently thats not an option…

So, this entry is really just to let anyone that cares, know that I’m looking into it 🙂


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