Initial Thoughts on Subscriber Policy

The feedback we’ve had so far has been really very positive. All the emails so far have said the site is worth paying for! Which is pretty cool, thanks to Matt and Viivi that wrote with those kind words 🙂

No really, we have had some nice emails from people outside the organisation, so to speak, saying that its worth it to pay for it, for the entertainment gained is phenomenal…

So our initial thoughts for a subscriber structure go something like this;

  • Normal accounts remain free, but you get ad banners when logged in like you do now. In fact, normal, free accounts would show no change from what is there today.

  • Introduce a Premium Account (circa $25 per year, $3 per

    month, $15 per 6 months), which above all will remove any ad banners from pages when you are logged in. Some new features, like a list of subscribers, icons next to subscriber names so others know who has subscribed, plus other features that could be subscriber only.

  • Premium accounts run across all Atomic sites, one payment clears as a premium account for all sites, so if Openfiction adds something that is subscriber only, then anyone who has already subscribed at DearDiary is automatically already subscribed at or Atomic Webrings.

  • Some new Atomic sites may be premium only.

  • Both normal and premium access will get new features, fixes and so forth

    – we will never neglect the normal access.

  • Bigger new features will be added to premium access FIRST, and then a

    release or two later will generally be enabled on the normal access.

  • Support by email remains free for everyone, though possibly premium account may end up getting priority if it gets busy.

  • Payment will be handled so as to make it as easy and secure as possible,

    currently investigating ‘’ as being one of the simplest

    and most flexible options.

All subscriptions will be voluntary. But if development of the site(s) is to be increased then something has to happen to the funding…

Please email suggestions, comments etc to the usual support address. Flames can go there too, if you like. If you must 🙂 Objections should definitely go to the normal support address….

I look forward to hearing from you all!


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