The mysterious Unresolved

Or the Great Unwashed 🙂

No, Unresolved, in the context of our ‘Show My Hits’ page, simply means that the system has not yet looked for the address, or addresses of the sites that have looked at your pages. That is, any address that the system has not yet tried to convert from an IP address into a name, will appear under the ‘Unresolved’ name.

This means that you may have 100 accesses from ‘Unresolved’ that actually, once the system looks things up turn into 2 hits from 50 different addresses. So it doesn’t (necessarily) mean that someone has spammed your diary.

The system should be looking up new addresses every ten minutes. It currently has around 5000 in the database, and once an address is looked up, its never looked up again.

Hope this helps the ‘Unresolved’ question.

Steve. (From his sickbed..)

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