Record Breakers

“A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month” and all that 🙂

Welcome to February 2001!

Exciting news, January was a record month by what I think is probably a record amount – we are showing 498,600 hits for the month of January, we nearly hit the half million but not quite, but still – the previous record was around 378,000. You can all see this for yourself on our publicly published website statistics – just hit the Statistics link at the top of the screen and then look at the Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports.

A note about those stats: They filter out the most aggressive search engines that hit us so the server is considerably busier than those reports suggest, but we have focused those reports to be an indication of actual user access, a much more useful report 🙂

In other news, we were mentioned in an article about journaling on, albeit just as a ‘hey try this one too’ but that’s cool, the more the merrier – thanks to MissClick!

Work on Dear Diary 3 is progressing at a reasonable pace – I have got a rendering engine (the bit that displays stuff) working and I’ve solved many of the customiser issues on paper so now I just have to get the customiser engine implemented and tested – once that is done then we can start making it look like Dear Diary 🙂

Finally, Thanks to everyone for supporting us!

That’s all for now, any questions etc as always just drop us a note 😉

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