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The address for all things AtomIC Systems related is actually given in our Privacy Policy, simply because we hold records on each person who has an account (you can see them online when you log in, but by UK Law we are obliged to provide an address to which you can write to see your details and to get things changed… Yeah I know, go figure). But I’ll give it here anyway,

AtomIC Systems IP Ltd.

C/O Steve Brown

Vähäjärvenpolku 5

04400 Järvenpää


The C/O part is because the Finnish authorities and postal system have some curious rule about only delivering to a name AND address, not just an address. Since I am registered living at this address, that should work. AtomIC Systems is not registered in (or operating out of) Finland, its a UK company. Our registered office, where you can get hold of accounts information or director information, is in the UK.

Ultimately, if and when Matt and I can work for AtomIC Systems full time then we’ll open a legitimate Finnish office because of course I will need (and do!) pay my taxes to Finland, and Matt to where-ever he lives. In the meantime, this arrangement works because AtomIC Systems doesn’t employ us and we draw no money from it.

OK, so I justified a lot there without being asked to 🙂 I just wanted to explain a little about why it looks weird. If anyone doubts the authenticity of AtomIC Systems, please consult Companies House in the UK and ask for company number 3881636.

Anyway, all that aside, cheques can be sent to that address. Bear in mind it will take somewhere around 2 weeks to get here, so email us and let us know if its coming and we can subscribe you, pending your cheque arriving. Feel free to send cheques in whichever currency is local for you, we can probably get it converted and the cost will be around the same as running through IBill, though IBill is still our preferred method if you have a card (cos its easier and automatic!)

Hope that helps people!

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