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Ok, having just had a quick read of Rick’s latest entry it seems that Geocities no longer permit you to link to images from off-site pages – so using Geocities to store your photo’s might not be so successful in the future.

So that’s the news on Geocities and pictures I think, although I haven’t confirmed it yet – you might need to find an alternative site if you have pictures on Geocities. Or subscribe and wait for the Album site to be finished, ahem, but I’d never take advantage of such situations for financial gain. 😉 If I find a decent webspace provider that’s free i’ll post it in here, just to prove it 🙂

Lil Buggie asked a question about multiple diaries – at the moment our entire site doesn’t really cope with a single user having more than one diary – so each diary must be on a seperate username. As a result, subscriptions are also tied to a single username. The new version 3 of our software will support one user having many diaries and in this case, it is (as always) the USER that is subscribed so all the diaries would be subscribed as well.

Bottom line: At the moment, you’d have to subscribe each diary you have, but that’s a bit excessive so unless you really want to give us lots of money don’t do that – just subscribe once and then when the new version comes online we’ll put out a questionnaire and one of the important questions will be for you to tell us all the diaries you have so we can bring them under your username.

More entries per day here than in my own diary, nobbad 😉 (shush Viivi, just don’t even start on me, ok? hehehe)


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