Databases and things

I’ve made some tweaks to the database, and Matt made some tweaks to how the hits system works now, so that in theory, the system should be able to work a bit better for the people that deserve it, ie you guys reading this!

Its a temporary step. The server is overloaded and we’re running out of things we can do to keep it going without forking out for a higher powered one. That day will come, it’d just be nice to put it off as long as possible 🙂 Perhaps the new release of DD3 will give us another 6 months as that does things very very differently and should use a lot less resource.

We wait and see 🙂 Rest assured we are keeping an eye on it. Or in our case, an ear, since the system pages Matt, Viivi and I if anything is amiss… Our cellphones have hardly shut up over the past few nights – except last night when we didn’t get one page from the system. Either that means everyone got bored and stopped using DearDiary.Net or that the system changes we made yesterday, worked.

Its a never ending battle though!

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