UPDATE: Add Reader Comments

As promised I have just finished adding the ‘choice factor’ back into Dear Diary.

There is now a new configuration option under the Customiser, in General Diary Options and then Basic Settings. It’s called ‘Secure Comments’ – it defaults to ON (the new mechanism that requires an Atomic account).

If you clear this checkbox and click save then your diary will revert back to the old reader comments mechanism that does NOT require users to be using an Atomic account.

So, to make it clear as mud:

The default is to on. When set to ON, you get the new secure mechanism.

When set to OFF, you get the old unsecure mechanism.

Instructions come in the email notifications as well just to keep everyone reminded since only a few people seem to read the news page it seems 🙂

If you hear of or see your username or identity being misappropriated in a diary that permits public comments then I recommend you follow this procedure:

1. Contact the diarist and request that they remove the offending comment.

2. Ask if they have considered using the secure mechanism.

In short, we’re adding this choice back in so that the diarist can get their choice again. If we receive complaints about diarists usernames being hijacked and used in these anonymous comments we will reconsider this decision, although any such happenings will be fully reported in this News diary first so that everyone knows what’s happening.

Marcelle – I know and agree with what you say about the phrase you live your life by, but I also live by this one: Live and let live.

I would love to know about peoples thoughts regarding the choice system, how are you getting on with it, is it what you wanted and so forth. Hopefully this should strike a balance and give everyone the best of both worlds. Time will tell.


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