More fun at the Comment Farm

OK. Now you can choose whether you want to be able to receive comments from non Account Holders, in the customizer under General Diary Options – Basic Settings – Secure Comments.

It will default to ON for all diaries, you’ll have to go and UNTICK the box to allow non authenticated comments.

This is where things perhaps get a little confusing. When you uncheck the box, you are ALLOWING unauthenticated comments. You are not FORCING unauthenticated comments. This means that someone can still provide their username and password to leave a comment, so you will know it is them. If they choose NOT to use their username and password, the name will have (Unauthenticated) beside it.

At least in this way we hope people won’t be leaving comments as someone else, although my guess is it that now it has the potential to be the other way around and people will be writing comments, not signing in and therefore getting (Unauthenticated) beside their names so they can claim they didn’t post it! My only advice is, if you see a real user name with (Unauthenticated) beside it, you must treat with the suspicion deserved of the comment. Better yet, just delete it.

I am so bored of the childish behaviour exhibited by a decent sized proportion of Net.Users. Actually, thats a wrong thing to say. Children misbehave in innocence and don’t understand the pain and harm they cause. YOU lot on the other hand, know exactly what you’re doing and enjoy it. But to those that engage in this behaviour, your day will come. What goes around comes around and I (and all the others at the butt end of your ‘jokes’ and ‘funny comments’) wish we could be there to see it. You know who you are. Sleep well my childish friends for one day, one day you won’t be sleeping so good. What goes around comes around.

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