To Marcelle1 (again)

Before I go any further, the fact that I am adding a new entry here indicates an opportunity to improve the system because in reality this should be added as a comment at the bottom of the previous entry. But then the only people to get notified about it, are us. Marcelle1 (to who’s comment I am replying) would never know I posted it…

So anyway, it goes something like this;

Marcelle1 – we sympathise with where you come from, on the basis that we don’t want the system to be restrictive either. We’d far rather people engaged their brains before posting and truly thought about how they might feel if they’d received some of the comments they’ve sent.

You’re right, not everyone is all sunshine and rainbows. The biggest challenge we face here at DearDiary.Net is that its so remote. If you behave that way in public its not long before the police pick you up or you hurt someone so badly they retaliate and you’re face down in the gutter. Its a rough world, and ‘eye for an eye’ isn’t necessarily the answer either. But it happens a lot less in real life because people are SEEN. They know, that you know, who they are. Just by sight.

Here, they can hide behind anything, and thats what we’re trying to overcome. If you want to say something, go ahead. But KNOW that we know who you are and you are accountable. Thats all.

Anyway, we won’t throw you off Marcelle1 – its a boring sad old world if everyone agrees. No-one learns anything new, no-one is challenged to think differently. Never be afraid to let us know your thoughts or feelings on a subject, just do it in a decent, reasoned, humane manner. If its something we feel strongly about you probably won’t win. But you may. If its something we’re not sure on, your input could just make the difference!

Of course, if you come here stating that we’re just assholes who do things for power trips and egotistical reasons we’ll just laugh. Agree. Then delete your comment 🙂

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