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I’m having a thick moment, if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart!

Could someone explain to me what the new comment system has to do with Censorship?

Most of the complaints I’ve heard about the new comment system I am happy that I can say there is a 50/50 feeling about them among the users and its just a matter of personal opinion whether you want to have secured or unsecured comments on.

A number of the users however are implying that by allowing unauthenticated comments you are allowing uncensored comments!


Exactly who is doing the censorship? Is it us (Dear Diary) or the diarist?

Like I said, it’s something that a lot of people are coming up with so I can only assume that I’m having a thick moment. I really don’t see the connection between whether or not a diarist allows secured comments and any kind of censorship. After all, you may still leave your comment!

The only difference, as Steve has said previously, is that leaving a confirmed username means that you must identify yourself. Everyone has a big mouth on the Internet until they have to say who they are, then suddenly they go quiet.

Thinking about it, I guess that might be a form of censorship, but that’s you censoring yourself, not us and not the diarist.

I look forward to the answers, this question isn’t asked tongue in cheek, it’s an honest question. If you think that it’s censorship then please please please tell me why, I’m uneducated in such matters and need your help.


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