Hi guys,

If you’re an AtomIC Systems Jabber user, you username and password are NOW the same as your DearDiary (AtomIC Systems) user names and passwords.

If you already have an AtomIC Systems account, you now automatically have a Jabber account too.

For those of you who have already used Jabber, provided you used your deardiary username your roster WILL be retained. However, if you used a different password for Jabber, your password will have changed to your DearDiary password.

As at the time of writing, please do NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) change your password through any Jabber client if you wish to continue using DearDiary.Net. The Jabber server uses a password scheme that is incompatible with DearDiary.Net by default, so I need to work on aligning those so you can change it from Jabber or the AtomIC Screen.

In the meantime, if you wish to change your password (which will affect DD and Jabber) please do so by logging in to DearDiary.Net with your web browser, and click the ‘Personal’ link.

My apologies to Magster, who only signed up to Jabber this morning and its just changed! 🙁


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