Looking for testers….

I’ve been working merrily (or not so, sometimes!) on the AtomIC Systems Jabber client. A number of people have commented on how unreliable, and how unfriendly the Jabber Instant Messenger (JIM) from jabber.com is and we’ve been working on our own version.

However, I have to say, if you find JIM unfriendly this product is not yet ready for you. But, if you’re prepared to have a play, prepared to give us constructive feedback, and prepared to use software that could just blow your machine to bits, then the AtomIC Systems Jabberer is now (finally!) in a state where it can be used.

Its a Windows only client (98/NT/2000 – it may work on 95, I don’t know!) and its still a bit rough around the edges. But it IS now useable if you want to help shape its future and let me know where the bugs are.

Drop me a mail, or leave a comment here with your email addres, if you want to take a look. Remember, with Jabber your contacts are stored on the server, so you won’t lose them by changing client.

Steve. ([email protected]).

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