Jabber and AIM, and Database problems

Those using the Atomic Systems Jabber server may well have noticed the ‘You have been disconnected from AOL’ messages that you’re receiving. Sadly, it doesn’t matter what client you use as it is the server that actually does the connection to AOL. We’re awaiting a fix to the Jabber server to resolve the problem (it’s the continual fight with AOL constantly trying to break their system so you can only use their client) and as soon as that’s online the messages will go away…. until the next time.

Doesn’t anyone else find it amusing that Microsoft aren’t doing any of this? 🙂

(well, not yet, atleast).

More news on that once we update the server, and when Steve has the beta test of his client ready to go – it’s not far off and from the look I’ve had of it so far, i’m looking forward to it 🙂

By the way, ‘blow your machine to bits’ didnt mean that literally 🙂 It didn’t mean permanent damage either 🙂 It’s a developer expression that just means you might need to reboot if it goes horribly pairshaped but shouldn’t mean anything more than that 🙂 Thus far we haven’t had any more problems than it occasionally crashing and needing to be restarted so even a Reboot should be a rare occurrence.

A little sneak preview of what’s to come… The Atomic Systems Jabber client will ultimately be getting an offline interface to Dear Diary and all the other sites!

Moving on to more depressing issues…

*SWEARS REPEATEDLY* That database is going to be the death of us. I got in to my regular job this morning and checked the site only to find that the system was flat on its back and locked up solid. Again. I couldn’t even kill the database I had to reboot the whole server *sigh*.

Still, it’s all back up again now. I’m gonna spend this evening trying to come up with some ways of spotting something going wrong before it happens I think, the problem is that generally it goes pop while we’re asleep and by the time we get to it it’s so far gone we can’t find out why it went pop. I think I have an idea about what criteria to watch for so I’m gonna put a watcher script on it tonight hopefully.

My sincere apologies for the problems, but we will crack this as soon as possible.


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