Of Popups and Other Things

I’ve just checked with our advertisers and I can’t see why we’re even getting pop up ads. As far as I can tell its only the ‘You have 1 new message’ – which quite frankly when I go to other sites annoys the living doo doo out of me. Curiously enough I’ve not seen it come up here! But then I don’t see a lot of the ads because, well, I’m a premium user…

Anyway, I shall investigate where they are coming from, if anyone who is getting them regularly fancies tracing down which of our two ad providers is breaking our agreement and sending popups even though we forbid them at both places, I will gladly go and rip someone a ne…. err, have stern words with someone.

The astute amongst you will have noticed that the Domain Name ad/Click here to advertise with us, which I placed on Friday, has now gone again, it was actually just a trial to see if it would work – and it didn’t. Took up too much room.

Yes, we have a sponsors list. The sponsors list are a bunch of people who we are affiliated with and who, IF you buy something from them by going via our site, we will be paid a percentage for referring you. You get your goods, we get some cash to help us offset our costs. Everyone wins.

At least in theory.

But, once I find the popup ad provider I will most certainly get rid of them. They annoy both me and Matt more than you can imagine and I’m sure you’ll agree that the ad companies have got it ALL wrong if they think they can annoy us into buying their products…. BZZZT, wrong. If you annoy me I will probably actually buy your competitors product just on principle.


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