Addition to Adult Entries

NOTE: (and note good)

The sanctioning of adult diaries does NOT mean you may write about illegal (adult, or otherwise!) activities. Such activities as sexual acts with animals, or children ARE ILLEGAL, regardless. ILLEGAL writings will not be tolerated at all, regardless of where you put them.

Just to make that clear. Indeed, we reserve the right to hand all details of your access to this site and any other information we hold about you to the relevant law enforcement agencies if you write about illegal sexual activities.

To Bickmea, adult diaries are defined as anything in which, in published material, you would need to be over 18 to read or watch. Explicit sex scenes, excessive swearing (perhaps, though this seems to have relaxed a lot over the past few years!), horror writings which would require an 18 certificate. That kind of thing. Its a bit vague (very!) but basically if someone complains about an entry outside of the adult section that they believe should be in it, and we uphold that complaint, we will move the entire diary genre. I hate to be so vague but we’re not the Board Of Film Classification here and we rely on peoples common sense to position things where they belong…

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