Ah, another can of worms it seems!

OK. If you get an AdultVerifier account, you have access to ALL the diaries that are in the adult section. You do NOT need an adultverifier account to read or write your OWN diary. If you do, that is a BUG and we would’ve appreciated someone actually understanding that bugs happen and we like to fix them quickly. I’ll look into that when I get a few seconds after quitting justifying myself!

Also, subscribing to adultverifier gains you access to plenty of other sites which require proof of age, so the $20 is, if you like that sort of thing, pretty good value for money anyway.

I’ll now go find out if I have missed something with the adult verification, and apologies to all if I have, it was not intended to block access to your own diary! (Just what would be the point of that anyway?? You wrote the stuff, who you gonna prosecute if you’re under age? Yourself? DUH!)

Please (Dave, in particular) understand that when something new comes online, despite the fact that we work bloody hard to get it right, it DOESNT ALWAYS HAPPEN THAT WAY. Sometimes situations we didn’t even think of come up, and since we didn’t think of them we didn’t test for them and congrats you may just have found a bug. Next time, if there is to be a next time, take the time to ASK US before shouting your mouth off and flinging stupid accusations.

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