The final say….

OK, discussion closed. I was prepared to listen to people. I was prepared to treat everyone as adult. What a mistake. I’m bitterly disappointed that people can support us to our faces and then diss us when it suits by leaving comments in other people’s diaries.

If you’re so two faced that you can do that, you’ll lie about other things too.

Now this is the deal. And this goes for anyone, remember when you read this that we make no money from this. We’re not your average corporation that will bend and twist and do what you want. We’re providing an environment for people that we feel is decent and honest and moral.

If you don’t like that, take your stuff, clear out your entries and fuck off.

Really. Thats it. WE refuse to pussyfoot around you any more. Its been coming for a long time, but sorry, YOU know the deal when you click that I accept your terms button. You KNOW we’re based on morals here and that you can’t use your diary for immoral purposes. Supplying porn to children is immoral. Supplying porn to adults is not. If you can’t handle that, go to the paragraph above.

Thats final. NO more discussion. This is not and never was a democracy so get a grip on reality. And just in case anyone is unclear, swearing does not constitute making your diary sodding adult, OK?

Those that are moral and decent have nothing to worry about. This is OUR living room folks. If I came to your living and pissed on the sofa you’d get pretty annoyed. Thats what you do to us every day with your immoral claptrap and suddenly the rooms getting a bit stinky and we’re not having it any more. This is a house thats child friendly and we implement things that we decide is for the benefit of those who have decency and morality. The rest should be outside in the cold. Good bye.

Steve, Matt and Les.

Oh, and to reply to Daffy, thats the next step. One that we have mentioned we would look into as the next step. If we could quit writing this shit and justifying our every decision, we might be able to get on with it.

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