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I see how it is. Matt alerts people to the fact that he’s moving house and I, inadvertantly, alert people a few weeks ago that I won’t be spending as much time as usual here and so the trolls go on the loose and think its OK to blast people, make them feel bad and generally have a go at everyone else.

I refer all the trolls reading this entry to;

To Me which was in reply to a comment, about comments. However, the same applies to entries in general, in particular the part near the bottom in bold.

I’m going to name names here because private discussion doesn’t appear to work;

Darren, if I receive one more complaint about you altering other people’s images and making them look good bad or indifferent, or in any way taking other people’s work and doing so much as look at it, I will remove you and your diary. If I receive one more complaint regarding derogatory entries about other diarists, you account is gone. Your permission to access this machine will be revoked indefinitely and any subsequent attempts will be charged under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Don’t pretend like you don’t know about it, go check it out. Its a jailable offence.

Nick, quit parodying. I shall stick my stake in the ground on this one later as well regarding so called ‘Parody Diaries’. They’re forbidden as of now. I’ve yet to see evidence of one being there to do anything but hurt the person they’re parodying and thats forbidden already anyway by our terms and conditions.

Don’t ANYONE dare mention Freedom of Speech to me regarding this entry. Your constitution and amendments are here and haven’t changed in over a year. You ALL know what the rules are, and how they should be applied. The specific first rule is this;

Diary entries must not contain any illegal references as defined by the laws of the United Kingdom. Such references include, but are not limited to, software piracy, copyright infringement, racial or other hatred, defamatory or abusive statements about or to others.

Darren, you’re outside this rule all too often. Particularly the defamatory or abusive statements about or to others and lately copyright infringement as well.

Get over it. Write your diary because you want to chronicle the events in your life, not because you want glory, attention and get it by abusing others here at this site. Get over it, or get out of it. You have been warned. And no, there is no negotiation. The first step will be removal of all links from the front page. The second step will removal of your account, after which time your permission to use the system is therefore revoked and without notice any further attempts would constitute a breach under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The third step would then be to instruct the police to find you.

As I stated not so long ago when the issue of reader comments came up, if you only intention is to abuse others, then get real. Get out. You are not welcome here.

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