Multiple Diaries.

There’s some noises rumbling around that having multiple diaries and accounts at this site is somehow wrong and abuses peoples trust.

Firstly, official policy is that we couldn’t care less if you have 8000 out of the present 8061 diaries on the system provided you don’t use them to abuse other people and hide behind some pseudonym. If you do that you’re outside the AUP and the account(s) risk removal.

Secondly, how can it possibly abuse people’s trust? I have a few diaries on the system – this one, my one (DeLancie), FantasyPilots and OpenFiction1. They’re all written by me, and they’re all relevant. They deal with seperate aspects of my life (the DeLancie diary is the general diary, others deal with the flying etc). I fail to see how that abuses anyones trust.

I would sincerely appreciate it if people actually used the site to chronicle their lives and stopped worrying about who’s who and is this person that person as well. It really doesn’t matter. Read the diaries for entertainment purposes only. Leave comments if you think you can help with an issue in the diary. Forget about WHO’S diary it is because, and this may come as a shock to you, you can NOT KNOW WHO’S it is, unless you know the person personally in real life.

And definitely quit with the opinions on who might be who. It gains you nothing. If someone wants 70 diaries and has the time to maintain them all, let them enjoy that freedom.

I look around this site and see people that are clearly in need of helping hands, clearly in need of some healing for various reasons, and all the time others are trying to stomp on them. Spend your energies making a difference to these people in a positive way rather than witch hunting the few who might, shudder of all shudders, have more than one diary.


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