A Pinch and a Punch…

And if you don’t know the saying ‘a pinch and a punch for the first of the month’, don’t worry too much about it 🙂

I might be back… I’m not positive…

You probably didn’t know I was gone either *grin*.

Quick Summary of events:

I moved house (which went very smoothly, many thanks to all the well wishers!) and as part of the move I did a bunch of major changes to my PC (mostly, swapped case with my server) that resulted in me having a nice big new drive ultimately. This was going great for about a week.

Thursday, something didnt seem quite right, but it was bed time so I ignored it.

Friday I could barely convince the machine to boot up.

Literally it would get half way through booting and then crash and reboot all over. On the odd occasion that it got all the way through it would crash most of the services the loaded and if it didn’t crash any important ones you could just about log in and maybe see Windows Explorer before it suddenly rebooted itself again.

Suffice to say that my dad took a fresh look at it after I’ve been going crazy on it and he got it working, i’ll leave the explanations about why for my own diary…

If it all keeps hanging together though, and its been quite stable all evening, I think we might have cracked it and i’m back 🙂 If I disappear though, it means it didn’t work yet…….

Still, I got a new motherboard and a lightning fast CPU out of the deal 🙂


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