Enough already

Nick has co-operated very professionally and I must say in an extremely friendly manner over the issue of other diarists and the misleading use of their names. The matter has been dealt with to our (and his) satisfaction. As such it is innappropriate for other diarists (most of whom are completely unrelated to the subject and know dick all about it) to continually harp on about who he might have been and blaming other, totally innocent, diarists for Nicks behaviour.

Let me remind diarists, unless you have access to our database – a crime for which I will send you to jail – you do NOT know who anyone else is for a fact. Stop speculating, stop even caring and get on with your lives.

The witchhunt for users with multiple diaries was over a long time ago, and the witchhunt for who is using confusing names is over. Further transgressions will not be from Nick and I believe him. Either way, you lot can’t know and should quit speculating lest you will be considered abusive and outside the terms and conditions of use as well!

You would not believe how tired I am of wetnannying people, don’t push your luck because I remind you, we’re not here to make a profit and we don’t care if we have to throw everyone off that can’t stick to simple rules! So stick to the rules of not naming other diarists or get off.

No more accusations, against ANYONE. Thank you.


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