And the winner is….

Option 4.

In case you wouldn’t have guessed.

To answer one of the previous comments, no its not about the money. Its about the fact that IF it were paid enough for us to do this full time it wouldn’t be so bad. But we’re not, and it is so bad….

Anyway. Option 4 is the chosen method so the new rules are;

If you write a diary entry that contains reference to another diarist, and a complaint is received, that entry will almost certainly be deleted. In the past we’ve tried to err on the side of diplomacy and remain neutral. But we don’t have the time or the energy to keep dealing with it. The only solution therefore is to ensure that people don’t write about each other. If you do, and a complaint is upheld your entry will be irrevocably deleted without warning. Repeated offenders will have their diaries deleted.

Now for the final time people, write about YOUR lives, not those of others. Entries of who’s who in DD land, and about other authors in any way will be removed. Anyone writing in any way about the lives of others (particularly in a disparaging way) will be removed. Live with it or live without it.

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