Just to clarify. We have no problem with people having multiple diaries, nor do we or will we require them to be linked. We couldn’t enforce such a policy anyway.

The rules cover not talking about other diarists (as is already IN the terms and conditions, but is blatantly flouted), whether they are your own diaries or whether they are someone elses. Entries mentioning other people will be deleted. Repeat offenders will have their entire diaries deleted.

And I don’t care if you write an entry to answer someones slanderous comment, if that entry contains diarist names then it will be deleted. We’re not playing this tit for tat game any more. If you get a comment from someone that is unfair, not nice or somehow objectionable, take it up with the person privately, or simply delete the comment if its not possible to take it up privately. If you want to write that such and such diarist is an ahole then do it in a private entry.

Tit for tat hasn’t gotten the real world anywhere in 2000 years, nay, 2 billion years, why would it start working now?

Is it clear? Is there any ambiguity here? Just in case, its simple. Don’t write about other diarists. Period.

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