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I’d have preferred to send this to you privately via email but I can’t find an email address for you anywhere so here’s your answer 🙂

If you can show me a program that will stop people downloading pictures from the web I would love to see it…. The only such things i’ve found so far are just simple bits of Javascript that disable right clicking… this doesn’t in any way stop you from downloading the picture, it just stops one way of doing it (for example, just switch off javascript in your browser).

We have Private mode for pictures that prevents them from being returned in searches or browsed for (yes you can browse in the new version) but still allows you to include them in your own pages, and we have Password protected which prevents any access to the image at all without a password (so a picture that is password protected would not be able to be placed on a web page).

Note: One option is to make your images private and then include them in your pages/diary as you desire, people can still download the pictures from there but then there’s nothing to stop you adding the javascript to your own pages to prevent the right clicks.

Email me ( with details of the various utilities/programs you’ve found that do this and I’ll evaluate them and their techniques and see if I can find anything that will help – if I can, i’ll get it into the 2.0 release or if not, into a VERY rapidly released 2.1 as I can see the benefit to it!


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