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I should perhaps write this in my own diary since it is a personal request rather than one from Atomic Systems however I know the majority of my friends are on this list, probably more so than are on my own diary’s notification. If the other guys object to the nature of this request I’ll move it to my own diary however.

My parents dog, Springer, who has been with us for a good many years now, has just been diagnosed as having a serious tumor. They’ve been fighting to find out what’s been wrong with him and the most recent batch of tests have confirmed their worst fears. He goes in for exploratory surgery tonight, the surgery itself is tomorrow.

The problem is that he is really too weak to be put under the anaesthetic – don’t worry, that won’t stop them from doing so, but it means that not only is there a good chance they won’t be able to do anything when they find the tumor, even if they can do something he might be too weak to survive the operation.

All I’m asking for is if you can direct your thoughts towards him this evening and tomorrow, prayer, wishing, positive thought, whatever you believe in, as he can use all the help and support he can get right now. While I’m here, my parents could probably use a spare thought too, this is tough for them too.

When my parents first got Springer he was the last dog they looked at in the rescue home. He was cowering at the back of the cage and they decided that since they were there, they would take all of the dogs out for a walk around the park (the normal procedure for those places, see what people like what dogs and ofcourse, vice versa). It took a couple of times around the park but he eventually relaxed and began to enjoy himself – very quickly a big rapore built between them and they knew they’d found their dog.

Springer had been found by the rescue home people, he had been dumped on the A14 having been starved, beaten and very much abused many years ago. It took my parents a good two or three years to get him fully healthy but the results were incredible. For me personally, Springer has always been there when i’ve been ill or just down, always there to nudge your feet and say “hey, you know, helping others makes you feel better, so, *hint* attention please, i want attention!” 😉

A couple of photo’s so you know who you’re helping…

[album 279 DCP00030.JPG thumblink]

[album 279 DCP00031.JPG thumblink]

[album 279 DCP00032.JPG thumblink]

[album 279 DCP00034.JPG thumblink]

Thank you!


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  1. No objection from me…

    I’ll send him some healing tonight and hopefully some strength to go with it…

    Best of luck to him tomorrow, he’s my little mate and I know Barney will send some thoughts too.


  2. Prayer for Our Pets

    Good St. Francis, you loved all of God’s creatures. To you they were your brothers and sisters. Help us to follow your example of treating every living thing with kindness.
    St. Francis, Patron Saint of animals, watch over Springer and keep him safe and healthy. and watch over Matt and his parents too.

  3. what a precious little dog, Springer your parents and also you will be in my prayers. Springer for healing and comfort and you and your family for comfort and strength. God Bless. Menana

  4. Best wishes and all to Springer. I’m sure both Barney and Duke will be sending support as they’ll want the best for one of their kind…

  5. oh no! another DOMESTIC ANIMAL is suffering and will die!
    not that numbers of PEOPLE arent in the shits or anything.

    not that countless creatures with nervous systems in general aren’t constantly undergoing various subjective tortures.

    but sure, let’s help out <strike>this guys dog</strike> this guy so he doesnt have to suffer from (in the best case) empathy.

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