Progress on Springer

First up, Flagg, aside from being an insensitive jerk (which you are perfectly entitled to be) I hope that you never request any help from anyone for a loved one because after all, there are others out there in much worse positions and therefore you’re not entitled to feel anything for your own loved ones.

Let’s clear one point up. I rate Springer above many of the people on Dear Diary. I rate him above many humans, period. Calling him a “domestic animal” with that distain in your writing is just flat out speciesist (I don’t care if its not a word, it is now darn it) and is no better than being racist.

Bottom line, Springer is more of a human being and a friend than some of the humans I know will ever be – online and off.


Still, for everyone else out there that has been so wonderful in extending your support, thoughts, prayer and so forth, I appreciate as do my parents, they were a little choked when they read the entry and all of your wonderful comments and wanted me to make sure I sent you all their thanks.

Progress, Springer went into the Vets last night (Friday) as planned after having a good amount of attention spent on him at home to try and chivvy up his spirits. Mum and Dad will receive a call at 8.30 (or thereabouts) to tell them when Springer will be going on the table exactly (though they are aiming for as early as possible) and then a phone call afterwards to tell them what happened.

The Vet asked them the inevitable question about what happens if the operation fails. Two options, bring him around so that they can say their goodbyes before giving the dog a lethal injection, or just let him sleep permanently and not bring him around. Neither of Dad and I could believe anyone would choose the first option, how selfish is that? The poor dog is already going to be scared out of his wits, don’t keep his spirit trapped in that body just so that you can say words he won’t understand – you shouldn’t have to have a last moment with him/her to make sure that they know you love them, they should know that by now. So if the operation fails then they’re just going to let him go and not bring him around – nothing worse than being woken up to be told you’re about to die. *sigh* Who would do that to a human?

*phone rings*

That was dad – they just got a call from the Vet, Springer is going on the table now and we’ll know in about an hour, hour and a half what the result is.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Thank you all again for your kind words and support, they are appreciated, very much so.


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