Naming Diarists: Clarifications

There’s been a little confusion and taking things a bit literally since we made the announcement about mentioning other diarists.

The question: Are you ever, at all, able to name another diarist in your diary?

The answer is ofcourse you are. With Restrictions.

1. That diarist must have given you permission, chances are if you’re friends then they probably already did that.

2. We only go chasing after entries that someone complains about. So if X mentions Y and Y writes to our abuse telling us they didnt like it, we’ll go chasing after X and delete that entry. If that happens then X and Y probably weren’t friends anyway, right? If they were friends, Y would have gone to X and said “hey, thats out of order” and X would have apologised and changed it.

These measures are intended to try and put a lid on the constant war of words going on between diarists, they aren’t at all directed at stopping you talk about your friends, just make sure that you have their permission. This is no different to normal publication folks, if you slam someone in a newspaper they can sue you for slander and just because it’s all online nicknames doesn’t make it any less ‘real’.

If you write an entry that slams someone you will lose it if that someone writes to us and complains, it’s that simple. If that person doesn’t complain you won’t. If you’re nice to people, they probably wont have much reason to complain. Therefore, let’s all be nice to one another for a frickin change. QED 😉

Still, I hope that clears things up on our new ‘policy’, any more questions by all means send ’em in 🙂


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  1. Well duh! I’m not trying to be rude to ya’ll that didn’t get it, but come on, common sense. You talk bad about "Y", then "Y" is probaly gonna complain ’bout ya. Obviously, if your only being nice to "Y" your pretty safe.

  2. Works for me, just make sure it works for Ihavefeelingstoo that no good lying sleeping with my ex boyfriend’s brother skeeze.

    P.S. That was a joke. She is right next to me laughing at this. Sorry for the humor.

  3. Hi Matt!
    Just caught up with your entries after a weekend away. I am really sorry to hear about your dog. I have a half share in a dog [she belongs to my ex] who is now 14 and not always in the best of health.
    I hope all my friends on DD will be as sympathetic to me when the time comes.
    Sending you lots of hugs

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