Answers to comments and questions

Just a couple of answers to some of the recurring questions and themes in comments after our about-turn announcement in the previous entry.

Unauthenticated Comments:

These will not be switched off. There are a huge number more people that value this facility than the couple of babies on the site that continue to misuse it.

Ignore them. Leave them alone. Either way, we’re not interested in this anymore, the few that can’t figure out how to grow up will just have to deal with it themselves. Those being ‘attacked’ in comments will just have to either learn to walk away or add fuel to the fire and respond in kind. Up to you. We can’t keep up, we aren’t going to try any more.

Parody Diaries:

In keeping with our new theme for administration, we don’t care. If you really want to waste your time writing a parody diary then by all means feel free. If someone else, or the person you’re parodying, then decides to take a swipe at you then you will have to deal with that. There are no winners in any war, whether it’s fought with guns or words, everyone loses something, but if you feel the need to keep the war going then we don’t care anymore, we’re not getting involved any further.

Contact us if there is a legal issue at [email protected], if it’s not a legal issue then it will be ignored and in return we will re-focus our attentions back on getting Dear Diary 3.0 developed.

If you want to know what else you can now do on Dear Diary, please feel free to write a comment.

Again, I echo Steve’s apologies to the 99.9% of users that know how to act their age rather than their shoe size.


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  1. Hi, I can certainly understand the frutration of dealing with it all. Can you at least consider doing away with the "non atomic user" sign in option? That would stop probably 90% of the crap. A person can allow only safe comments only to find themselves trashed in an anonymous comment elsewhere. At least by making folks sign in to write their comments a person knows WHO to discuss it with, right?

    Its just a suggestion. *shrugs*

    Have a nice day

  2. I can totally understand that! I’m exasperated and I don’t even know whats going on! *grin*

    Hang in there, there are many of us who appreciate this site and what you’ve done with it! 🙂

  3. Sorry you guys have had to put up with so much crap. I hope this decision makes the future of DD a lot less stressful for you 🙂


  4. *gives u all a standin ovation*

    Unless ppl are prepared to pay for childcare…
    Nappy changin…
    Bottle warmin…
    An potty trainin…

    Why should u babysit?


    Sounds all good n fair to me :o)

    Love buggie :o)

  5. I agree with Pringles. The service should be for registered users only. I have had problems with people slagging me off on a diary, but I just give as good as I get!
    Keep up with the good work!

  6. I completely understand your frustration and disgust. I’m sorry you’ve seen and been exposed to the worst in human elements. I appreciate this site and have made some wonderful friends. Thank you for all the hard work!

  7. I’d agree: Unauthorized Comments should probably go. It’s bad having people backstab you; it’s intolerable having them impersonate you, running around making insults, and making you enemies.

    You have made a good decision, for your own sanity and the sakes of your families, in stepping out of the Sandbox Monitoring Role.

    Can we expect the ban on Defensive Parody diaries to be lifted anytime soon? 🙂

  8. in light of past events, I am quite stunned that it took you this long. I love this site. I don’t want it to go away. But I want it to be fun for you guys, too.

    Good for you regarding the stress.


  9. Sounds good to me, guys! I don’t blame you one bit. I’ll be anxiously awaiting news on the improvements you mentioned. Keep up the great work. I love DD.

  10. A lot of the stuff that has been going on here is very childish, and if the people concerned cannot sort these things out for themselves then how on earth do they cope out there in the real world. I for one, would still like to have unauthorized users comment in my diary because I advertise this site a lot around the internet, and I don`t think people should have to make an account if they just want to leave a comment for someone. I have had lots of nice comments from people who have just popped into the site after seeing it on my yahoo messenger profile.

  11. I’ve often felt that this deardiary1 diary was a parody of my own – but I didn’t want to report it because I actually liked it.

    I feel safe in knowing that now it won’t be deleted.

  12. I’m sorry this cool, fun site has become such a headache for y’all. Do what you need to do- back off, just deal with legal and technical stuff, maybe read a few nonstressful diaries and remember that there’s 9,961 people having a pretty good time out here thanks to you.

  13. Applause, Applause, Applause. **clapping hands until they hurt**

    Its really too bad that it came to this. I know that you guys were trying to do something to protect people. I, too noticed that there were a few that still continued to abuse the system. Well, I for one, am appreciative of your time with this site as it has helped and amused me to no end. I don’t blame you for finally becoming disgruntled with the whole situation.

    Kudos to you all.

    Have a good one and take care…

  14. To DearDiary Creaters:

    THANK YOU for this beautiful site. It’s truly the bestest one on the web and I am delighted to be a part of it – Keep up the good work.

    From – the rest of us.

  15. I’d like to say that I, too, like the Unauthenticated thing, because my friends sometimes drop by and leave a comment, and most of the time, if they make a name and don’t use it for a while, they forget what it was, or what the password was. They will only comment like once in a blue moon. But, if it’s easier for you to take off the Unauthenicated, you do it. It is your idea, your brain child.

    You do what will make it more fun for you, besides make it a pay-only site. :o) Hopefully by the time it comes to being a pay-only site, I might be able to afford it! :o) Or, at least be moved out enough so I can do that.

    And I will say THANK YOU for having this site be avalible to those who like to keep records of thier days in an easy access site. I know I’ve lost many of my written diaries, and now if I leave my diary at home, I can update it from anywhere (I would, I’m an addict now).


    Later Daze~

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