What's Legal?

Pringles asks a question about whether something is a legal issue.

The answer is, it’s not up to us, we’re not trained or qualified to answer any questions of legality and if we were to give you guidance on this topic we’d likely be causing yourself and ourselves more harm than if we didn’t.

If you believe that someone is guilty of a crime such as Defamation of Character against yourself then please seek legal advice from your solicitor and have them contact us. Once their credentials have been validated, we will provide every assistance to them to aid their case.

The same applies to any site on the Internet, the fact that a diary on here could be having a go at you is no different to a diary on one of the other diary sites (or even a normal webspace host) that might have a go at you.

I say again, we will not and can not advise on legal issues as we are not qualified to do so.

If any solicitors dealing with cases of this nature would like to make themselves known to us we would be happy to pass on any contact information to any users that ask.


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  1. Ok, fine..since the real owner of Gold Coast has decided to "confess" to being me, which I’m not gold coast then I’d like to have "my gold coast" diary deleted please. *S*

  2. I’d be interested to see where GoldCoast claims to be Pringles, since GoldCoast knows we know who they are AND has been mailing us recently knowing that.

    I can state that I am quite satisfied that Pringles is not GoldCoast, for anyone that cares.

  3. First of all, I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. It has brought me joy, and I do hope that I am able to bring others joy through my diary. Thanks again for providing such a medium.

    Secondly, I would like to apologize for the trouble that some have put you through. It does seem that those whom are troublesome, usually get the most attention.

    I wish you guys the best of luck. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  4. I am using the power of attorney to order a cease a desist on the diary of MUSICBEAST who has been ruthlessly breaking laws specifically toward me. Please send this man to the gallows.

  5. I agree with your decision of backing down a bit. Babysitting is a tiresome job isn’t it?? I have to admit due to all the "drama" lately I haven’t felt much like writing here. Just cuz I didn’t want to somehow get myself involved and people here are so judgemental on what you write sometimes…it’s crazzie (considering it’s my diary). When people start writing things like "this is boring" or "your title is annoying" and try to blatantly CAUSE trouble…that angers me. Hopefully DD will be the place it was when I first started writing here again. A place to write freely without the constraints of rules…and the close mindedness/childness of others. I can’t wait until the new things you were talking about comes out!

    Hmmmm…let’s hope that people don’t just start suing eachother now!!

    *sighs* Who knows what will happen next.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. I didn’t know keeping a diary was so political these days. I personally haven’t had a nasty or pointless comment (*yet*) but I haven’t been here long. I *really* like this site and don’t want to go back where I came from. This place offers it’s users so many more options than any other diary site I have come across. Thanks for all the hard work and "babysitting" guys… the majority of us appreciate it, I am sure. I *do* think that unauthenticated people should be able to leave messages, some people are just so shy and say the most beautiful things.

    Well I waffled, as usual. Thanks for the opportunity to express *everything* without limits.


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