Database Upgrade (mostly) complete

Hi guys,

Sorry for the outage this morning, though it was at least a planned one 🙂 I hate upgrading things that are working, but we’ve been waiting for transaction support and in particular row level locking since the beginning of time for MySQL and so this one was especially important.

Its mostly all done now, the database server software is installed and running (else how would you be reading this?) and a major cleanup of old cruft from previous database relics has taken place.

However, at present, all is running almost exactly the same as it used to. This means that we’re not yet using the new features. Migration to those will take place today and WILL mean that the system runs incredulously slowly from time to time as the data is migrated to the new tables. In theory, it won’t go down again though… I hope…

Please note: We have implemented a new support system which should speed up our ability to help you, especially new people. If you need support for the system, please use the HELP button at the top, or the support address at the bottom of every page…

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