Of course….

The database collapsed. Seems we make use of it in some way that it didn’t like. As such I have reverted to the originals and it should be functioning a bit better. I’ll use the stack dump and logs to send to the author so he can fix it, but I THINK its probably to do with the huge IN list that we use in some of our queries (that is, select * from fred where uid in ( 1, 2, 3, 4, x, x, x ); )

Sorry for the days troubles… Believe me I am 🙂


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  1. er yeah can i order fries with that cheeseburger…
    oh an one of them toy things too.



    PS i think u do a great job so there :o)

  2. Yeah. It really sucks that MySQL doesn’t support sub-queries(yet at least).

    I’ve really been spoiled by Oracle.

    I know it was just an example, but selecting ‘*’ is never a good idea. First, the server has to resolve all the columns, and second of all, you should only request columns that you need. That saves resources, and guarantees the order of the columns, not that you should be relying on that order in any case 🙂

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