Downtime Again

Sorry, I had to take the database down for 20 minutes in order to take a snapshot as the trials and tribulations of yesterday left my backup inaccurate. On counting the number of entries on the system and then on the live backup, the backup machine had one less…

Clearly not a situation thats conducive to good backup strategy.

The author of the new database stuff has contacted me with a view to helping look into the problem, so we may get somewhere yet.


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  1. u should be sorry!


    An where is my cheeseburger n fries?

    I am gonna have to fire u u no.
    Don’t pay for this premium thing for nothin.

    *taps fingers an waits for that food*



    chill already hehe

    love ya an ty for keepin the site runnin :o)


  2. hey :o)

    I just had a question for you guys. i know there used to be these button things that we could copy and paste onto our web pages that would link back to our diaries. i’ve been looking around, but I can’t find them. do you still have them?

    from, mousie

  3. I wanted to mention that that one diary that wasn’t in the backup is one of my many parody diaries. I haven’t been able to find it since the downtime.

    This diary, like many primetime television shows, was the story about a crime solving monkey named Foofoo. His many adventures took him through the land of Dear Diary solving mysteries such as: Who Sent Code Red to Serenity, or Why Does SmashHeather Have Two Daddies?

    If you could somehow bring this diary back, I would appreciate it.

  4. Ohhh you guys *shame shame* bad bad… hehehe. I am actually almost done with College, taking all the classes to be an Oracle DBA.. 🙂
    So if you want to hire an intern.. HERE I AM! I’d make sure your database was always backed up!
    🙂 Backup & Recovery and Tuning the Database are my specialties. Too bad I couldn’t work for you guys from my home here in the states.
    😡 (kisses to you)
    Good luck with recovering everything.
    By the way, when is the album going to be working again, I keep getting an "Address not found" error message.

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