Logging out of Dear Diary – Responses

Hi, just thought i’d respond to a couple of the comments:

Salamander: This is a one-off change, you only make it once and from then on you can just shut your browser window down. If that’s what you’re already doing then you don’t need to worry about the change. We’ve just heard that some people have had to disconnect from the net and reconnect while others have even been having to reboot their whole computers to get logged out. Once this change is made, shutting the browser window down will solve the problem.

Eliezer: Sadly we’re not using Session Cookies for this authentication mechanism or we could very easily provide a logout button (see Openfiction, that /is/ how that one works). For the technically minded, we’re using standard HTTP authentication – ie. we define a secure area within the webserver config file, and then it will deal with the authentication automatically, any page requested from ‘/secure’ that is successful will have a REMOTE_USER variable defined telling us what you’re logged in as, this makes sure that you get your own diary to edit etc. The problem is that HTTP authentication provides for no way to log out. In any sensible default configuration it’s done by closing the window, or at the worst closing all of them – sadly since IE is built so deeply in to many distributions of Windows you can’t actually shut it down without rebooting sometimes. That’s where the fix comes in, it tells IE that HTTP authentications are only valid for that window, open a new one, close this one, whatever and you lose the logged-in state and must re-enter your details.

If shutting your browser down, re-opening it and then clicking LOGIN doesn’t ask you for a username but takes you straight to the diary you were last in, those instructions are for you. If it asks you to log in again, then you’re all set and can very happily ignore them!


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  1. Huh? LOL its okay…im not that computer literate but sure am trying to be.

    I have noticed the same prob. About logging out. Internet explorere is the browser i use. Is it different with Netscape? Perhaps this has been covered, i’ll browse.

    Next, sometimes upon clicking various windows in the "customize option" (windows appear) BUT sometimes NO content displays?

    Has this happened to anyone else?


    Im new here….but i love it already. The support and upkeep DD displays is something you dont find to often on Interactive sites.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Guys,
    I have a question… about the adult section.
    It looks as if people need to pay to read those diaries… uhhh, if that is the case, I am sure I could write an adult diary, as long as I made some kind of a profit! LOL
    There you go! Business deal? You already have a lot of writers here… I am sure if you asked, you’d get a lot of people writing… adult diaries, to bring in some money for you, and for them!



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