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Again I must re-iterate our thanks for all your poetry, it’s all wonderful to read.

We’ve been contacted by one user who has a “Writing for Life” site and I think that rather than both of us cover this event (it’s being over-covered as it is) I think it would be more appropriate to let her put the tribute together as she is planning and then we’ll link to it.

Here is what we received:

Thank you! I would like to get in touch with the

authors of any and all poems in order to build a

special dedication page on my Writing for Life

website. It deals with this kind of thing -- writing

through life experiences, and it would be a way of

dealing with things for me.

The URL for her site is: (and her diary is username ‘writingforlife‘).

If you are happy for her to reproduce your poem on her site then please drop her a line. Her email address is: [email protected].

At this point we’d also like to remind our users that we have another site dedicated to writing called Openfiction. It’s available at – it’s not just about fiction, it’s whatever you want to write about.

Many thanks!


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  1. I wrote this yesterday and wanted to share:

    Attack on America

    Words echo on the radio as all tune in
    Confusion begins
    Thoughts turn to loved ones and friends
    Where are they? Are they in danger?
    Frantic phone calls

    Then the images burning into my memory
    Flames weakening an impenetrable structure
    People leaping to their death
    Planes diving with murder in mind
    The horror of the intent

    Silent prayers repeated over and over
    “Please God let it be ok”
    “Please God I’m so scared”
    “Please God don’t let them die”
    Only silence in answer

    The danger for all
    Fear of more terrorism
    Anger and revenge bubbling under the surface
    Open-mouthed shock
    No words to say

    Calls to family
    “Turn on the news”
    Disbelief echoing on the phone
    Everything stops as we watch
    The horror replayed

    Buildings collapse
    Hundreds trapped
    Emergency personnel die
    The loss of lives and loves

    Airports close
    Fear for those still in the air
    Each plane a possible bomb
    More prayers
    Helpless to stop it

    The Pentagon hit
    A symbol of our government
    The World Trade Center destroyed
    A symbol of capitalism
    Symbolism reverberating in our minds

    Attack on America
    Who has done this?
    What will happen next?
    Is it over?

    I can only pray.

  2. I feel like an ingrate for posting this comment, but I figured you guys would want to know. "Condolences" is spelled with an "e".

    Which has nothing to do with how much I appreciate what you’ve done these past days to help in the healing process. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and wishes at this time.

  3. I’m not good at poetry. I did something different and made a graphic as a remembrance. Maybe it could be included with the poetry. It’s on my welcome page. (I couldn’t figure out how to put a copy of it in the comment.)

    The poetry helps, though. It gives us words we might not be able to find on our own to express how we feel.


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