Still Here :-)

To Answer Ruminating – yes, we’re still here, it’s just been rather busy for Steve and I lately for various reasons. Steve is heading back to the UK soon so he’s snowed under with not just moving house but moving country (which makes moving house within the same country look like a walk in the park 🙂 ) and I’ve had lots to do at my regular day-job…. Once Steve’s move to the UK is completed I anticipate things should return to a normal pace again and for my part, I just made a very successful delivery to our customer so things may ease up at work for me too 🙂

So yes, we’re here, we’re keeping an eye on things and trying to keep up with Support as much as possible right now – the rewrite for Dear Diary 3.0 is progressing, though it’s a very big job so it’s going to be a while yet.

Thank you for your concern though! 🙂

CastleMistress – if you can email us and give us a bit more information we’ll see what we can do for you.

Ruminating – I think you’re right about the menu options and I’ll look in to spending a couple of hours making the system capable of supporting a good deal more menu options, I never realised they’d be so well used when we put that in 😉


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  1. Long time no read. WB. Glad y’all are gonna make things even cooler to an already cool site. 🙂 Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Hey there! I mostly stopped in to say hello and to tell you that everyday I notice how much DD has grown (or should I say how much DD is growning?!). I think I started here when there was approximately 1,150 diaries. Now just look, almost 11,000. Can you guys believe it?!

    I have one qualm though. I’m finding too many good diaries to read and it’s taking up a lot of my time, lol.

    Have a good week,

  3. Hi, I think it’s cool that you will be rewriting things, can you think about including an option where you can use emoticons like on or some kind of smileys like in AOL Instant Messenger in our entries? That would be so neat!!

    I was just wondering.


  4. I think those smiley’s would be a good idea for atomic subscribers! It would be another feature you could add to get more people to subscribe. 🙂 I know that fee is so small anyways, and would be another way to increase your income over there… although I know… it all goes back into the diary… 🙂 I think it would be cool. 🙂

    Happy Day!


  5. Another idea… would be to have a chat room set up right here on the main web site… instead of using one elsewhere… it would be cool to have one like alamak has, since the one they have there is friendly to all users, even web tv.
    Go see their site at, to check out their chat rooms 🙂

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