Minors are perfectly allowed to write here.

The law (presently) covers the US and we’re a UK company. Therefore, we’re not covered by some of the more anal of the US laws. We have plenty of those of our own in the UK!

However, we are covered by EU law regarding collection of personally identifiable data, and we believe we do everything in compliance with the British Data Protection Act. In other words, we don’t sell your data, indeed we don’t do anything with it except use it to run your account. Its also an issue for dispute as to whether your email address (which is the ONLY information we hold about anyone that could possibly be construed as personally identifying) is actually personally identifying anyway. I don’t believe it is, unless you go to the ISP running the domain and ask for their real names and addresses, and then the burden is on the ISP to comply with the various data protection laws and us anyway.

So yes, we have no objections to minors writing here. If someone believes we are breaking the law by allowing this, please have your lawyers contact us, we will discuss it sensibly.

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