Hi folks,

I recieved this (abbreviated) email this morning from our payment provider in relation to paying for our Premium Subscription;

Dear Clients:

iBill apologizes for the technical difficulties you have experienced over

the last several days with our payment processing network. Please rest

assured that transactions are still being processed through our system. Our

extraordinary growth in 2001 has necessitated earlier than anticipated

upgrades to iBill’s transaction processing system.

So, if you’ve had trouble sending us your money, and goodness knows, we don’t want you to have trouble doing that, this would be why. They are upgrading their network as soon as the equipment arrives, apparently.

I must admit that I am amazed at the level of subscribers, and the the level of new subscribers too – so a huge thanks to all for showing your support. We’re still working behind the scenes for more improvements (check the forums ;-)) so expect more coming ‘all in good time’ 🙂


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